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The Back Story

In 2017 RCA released “Stained Glass, The Singles.” This got me thinking that I needed a project and product of my own. First, I had to tell someone. In 2018, on a walk in Los Angeles with my son Earl and his girlfriend Kayleen, I told them: “I’m gonna make an album.” In February 2019, while in England with the family to celebrate my son Ted’s birthday, Ted, Earl, and I recorded, “ Give More Than I Take,” at Vista Point Studio. Ted was on drums, Earl on bass, and me on The Grand Piano.

2020 then brought us lockdown where everything closed and there were no stages anywhere to clutter. Since no one was paying me to play for them, I guessed I’d have to pay if I wanted to play. This turned out to be a sign… The sign.... Next, Ted sent me a revised version of “ Give More Than I Take.” It had a great groove and the improvements he made tightened it up nicely. In May of that year, I met with Bruce at After Hours Recorders and I played him that recording. He got me a spot on the calendar for the first session and said, “ your sons are gonna play on the album, right?”.

Dennis Carrasco started his career in the California Bay area in the mid 1960's. Carrasco was part of Bay Area groups inclding "The Trolls", "The Stained Glass" and "Christain Rapid" With these groups he performed and toured all over the country including notable performances at The Fillmore West. Carrasco spent much of the 1970's and 80's working for groups in Ohio, Tennessee, and Idaho. After relocating back to California in the mid 1980's, he spent the last several years playing in original and cover bands up and down the state. 2022 sees the long awaited release of his first solo record.

“That's what I heard”


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Update #2- May 2022

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